Mediatonic’s party-game still has a bright future ahead! After teasing the upcoming announcement of the theme of its future season on Twitter a few hours ago, Fall Guys has finally unveiled it in a short trailer!

One thing is certain : Mediatonic knows how to please players by frequently adding beautiful new features to your party-game. Whether in the form of skins, ofunpublished events, or changes within levels, Fall Guys always manages to arouse the interest of its community. While the players were already happy since the announcement of the imminent arrival of costumes from the indie game Cuphead, the official Twitter account @FallGuysGame just gave them another good reason to celebrate! Indeed, the current season 3.5 of Fall Guys will soon give way to season 4. And the latter should take us… into the future! We invite you to find out for yourself in the developers tweet.

The message is clear : Season 4 of Fall Guys will take us back in time! Neon atmosphere and futuristic music will be on the program if we are to believe these 7 seconds of video. If you have been careful, you may have noticed that the trailer also contained a rocket, a planet and a little green man. The science fiction should therefore be in the spotlight with a tour of the space side. Besides, if you’ve been following the Mediatonic news recently, you should already know that Fall Guys will soon be available on many platforms, including the Switch. This port was announced during the last Nintendo Direct which took place on February 17th. On the other hand, no date has yet been communicated regarding the arrival of this season 4! We must therefore be patient … Finally, if the future turns you on more than the winter atmosphere and make you want to take part in shows to pocket crowns know that you can nab Fall Guys for a good price on Eneba.

Credits: Twitter @FallGuysGame


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