New info suggests that Eva Ducci and Vivian are indeed back as a couple!

Recently, details suggested that Vivian and Eva Ducci were dating again. At the beginning of July, we learned that the two reality TV candidates had finally separated! After falling in love on the show The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 and having overcome ups and downs in their relationship, the two lovebirds had experienced a new argument, causing a rift. However, if Eva Ducci and Vivian assured this time that they did not want to give their love story another chance, it could be that Cupid has played its role … For a few days, the two reality TV candidates share stories Instagram in the same place, enough to suggest a rapprochement.

Vivian and Eva Ducci again as a couple?
Vivian and Eva Ducci again as a couple?

While many Internet users are therefore wondering about this potential flashback between Eva ducci and Vivian, blogger Aqababe has unveiled some new info that seems to clear things up! In his story Instagram, he wrote : “It’s the couple’s return after my moles on the Isle of Beauty.” In addition to his message, we can also discover a photo of Vivian and Eva Ducci on the terrace … So, did the two reality TV candidates get back together during their vacation in Corsica? It sounds like it and we are now awaiting confirmation from one of the two main players! In parallel, Anthony Ciattoni (La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 6) responded to accusations of physical violence against a young woman.

Credit: instagram @aqababe
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