Vitaa is back for good. The singer had been discreet in recent months after the colossal success of “VersuS”, her duet album with Slimane. A distance marked by the need to take a step back, to find oneself too, but above all to refine a new solo album with a particular flavor.

Announced as the last, it is also, in the eyes of the artist, his most accomplished. “We’re making an incredible album, I think I can say I’m making my best album. Maybe because it will be the last”, has already had the opportunity to comment on the singer a few months ago. What arouse a strong expectation on the part of its very many fans.

Amel Bent and Slimane in the clip of “Charlotte”

For this final opus, the singer has chosen to resume her identity by entitling her album “Charlotte”, her real first name. This is also the eponymous introductory title of which she reveals the clip this Wednesday. A piece in which Vitaa seems to turn the page, returning to his journey, his successes but also his torments. A strong message for the singer who released her first album “A fleur de toi” in 2007. To do this, Vitaa surrounded herself with her relatives, namely Slimane and Amel Bent, both present in the clip.

Introducing her new opus with this piece in the form of an affirmation of her own identity, the singer has already announced the release of the single “Les choses qu’on fait” on June 2, at the same time as the opening pre-orders for this sixth album which will be released on October 6th.

It is therefore a comeback for the singer who will launch her Zénith tour on October 25, 2024 in Metz. More than thirty dates are on the program for this tour, which should last until February 2025. The singer will notably be in concert on December 4, 2024, at the Accor Arena in Paris. On your calendars!


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