Vincent Queijo is fulfilled and transformed since he is in Bali with his darling Rym and his daughter, as he confided in his Instagram story.

Vincent Queijo is madly in love with his fiancée Rym and this photo of the couple caused a reaction. The flame is not about to go out between the two lovebirds who left Dubai to spend time in Bali before heading to Portugal. A dream destination that the young woman loves and that her darling is also starting to appreciate, as he announced on social networks. Transformed and perfectly at ease despite the distance with family and friends, Vincent Queijo said during a question and answer session on Instagram on June 10, 2021: “I am discovering another facet of my personality which I like a lot”.

Vincent Queijo has blossomed since he was in Bali
Vincent Queijo has flourished since he was in Bali – Credit (s): Instagram @vincentqueijo
Vincent Queijo is in harmony with Rym
Vincent Queijo is in harmony with Rym – Credit (s): Instagram @vincentqueijo

In addition to that, Bali allows the two candidates of the show Moms and Famous to get even closer. “I love Rym every day a little more! And yes we feel in total osmosis” added the happy dad, who spoke at length with Internet users, as he likes to do regularly. While Rym announced a big change in the life of his daughter Maria-Valentina a few days ago, that of the young parents is also a little upset at the moment. But they have made the choice to enjoy every moment and it seems to succeed since they have never been so fulfilled and serene.

Credit: Instagram @vincentqueijo


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