The series are not always good for morale … The proof. Warning, spoilers.

The World Series Cup continues on melty and you can vote right here every day to win your favorite series. While waiting to know which ones will take the next step, we come back to some difficult moments of this 2019-2020 season, namely the traumatic deaths that we can not wait to forget. Obviously, beware of spoilers!

Lagertha – Vikings

The death of Lagertha – Credit (s): history

It’s already been mentioned in the saddest scenes of series this year, and Lagertha’s death also falls into the category of the most traumatic deaths. Even if the shock is not so much to see the way she died, but especially to know that this time it is well and truly over for this incredible heroine who made us dream throughout the 6 seasons. Lagertha is a legendary figure of Vikings and we can already tell you that we still have not recovered from her death.

Siddiq – The Walking Dead

“Open Your Eyes” – Credit (s): amc

With episode 7 of season 10 of The Walking Dead, Angela Kang struck a big blow not only thanks to the oppressive paranoia throughout the episode but especially with the death of Siddiq, totally unexpected. Dante’s betrayal, his infiltration among the survivors, his relationship with Siddiq … Everything was put in place to create surprise and shock, and clearly the result was there.

Billy – Stranger Things

Ouch … – Credit (s): netflix

If you’ve seen season 3 of Stranger Things, you clearly know why Billy’s death is one of the most traumatic of the season. And if not, we let you discover in video why it really deserves its place in the list.

Robin – The Boys

Horrible – Credit (s): amazon

If you don’t really remember the character, that’s okay. After all she dies in the opening minutes of the first season of The Boys. On the other hand, you surely remember the way she died … Completely exploded by A-Train which arrives at full speed and changes the life of Hughie forever. At the same time, there is something to be traumatized …

Nairobi – La Casa de Papel

Seriously? – Credit (s): netflix

We expected this for several episodes, then La Casa de Papel reassured us by making us believe that Nairobi was going to get by … Right before I kill her. Clearly the trauma is there and we will never trust this series again (the haters will say that it’s been several seasons already …).


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