Ragnar’s death in Vikings should have been very different …

While Vikings is fighting against the series of her group in the 2020 World Cup on melty – and that you can vote every day to make her win right here – we come back to the death of a main character, if not THE main character of the series: Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). As fans know, it’s been a while since the great Ragnar left us on History, yet the story should have been much different according to some revelations from showrunner Michael Hirst. “When I was writing the series, Ragnar had to die at the end of the very first season”. Fortunately, things quickly changed.

Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok – Credit (s): history

“When we started shooting the series, I realized that at the end of the first season, we would only be at the beginning of Ragnar’s journey”. Moreover, the serivores know very well that killing your main character is always a risk and it can quickly lead to the cancellation of a series. However Vikings has been until season 6, and Michael Hirst has much to be proud of. “I sold the series talking about Ragnar but also about his sons”, and it is thus this story which took over once Ragnar died in season 4. It remains to be seen which of Ragnar’s sons will still be alive at the end of the last 10 episodes of season 6 of Vikings.


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