Season 6 of Vikings is almost over and that’s what we can expect.

If you are fans of Vikings and that you will miss the series after season 6 is over, now is the time to vote for her every day right here to make her win the 2020 Series World Cup. Yep, Michael’s series Hirst is coming to an end and there are only 10 episodes left to check out on History. In these episodes and as can be seen in the excerpt above, Bjorn set to recover despite injuries from Ivar, and while it’s not yet clear how the series will end for him, showrunner Michael Hirst has already promised an ending “satisfactory”.

Bjorn and Ivar
Bjorn and Ivar – Credit (s): history

“I think the conclusion of the saga is very satisfying, with a worked and meaningful ending. And I hope the fans will feel the same. I have tried to honor all my characters and I hope I have success”. We will have to wait several more weeks to find out all this and know if, in fact, the end of season 6 of Vikings will live up to the reputation of the series and will do justice to all its characters. One thing is certain, we can’t wait to see the last 10 episodes and to know which of the sons of Ragnar will eventually prevail in Scandinavia.


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