Victoria Mehault and Bastos have separated. At worst, the candidate of Marseille vs the rest of the World 6 spoke in her Instagram story.

Bastos and Victoria Mehault are definitely separated and the young man explained everything on November 24, 2021. And it is on YouTube, his favorite platform, that he made a long speech, rather moving. Between the two lovebirds, who exchanged their first kiss in front of the cameras of the show Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, things were not the same these last days and the great friend of Maissane had even written in her story: “Not too much morale at the moment. I’ll talk to you about it in due course.”. A statement that had put the chip in the ears of his fans. Since this new breakup, the reality TV candidate is at its worst and spoke in her Instagram story …

Victoria Mehault's Instagram story
Victoria Mehault’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @victoria_mehault

“Sorry but I can’t express myself on the situation at the moment” she first wrote on a black background. Unable to film himself to give his version, Victoria Mehault added : “I had promised not to squawk in front of my phone and there if I mention it it’s fucked up so I wait a bit”. To preserve herself, the latter made the decision to put herself fully into sport.

Victoria Mehault, who is about to undergo a new cosmetic procedure, no doubt hoped that the couple she formed with the one who was discovered in Secret Story 10 would last despite a first crisis in early November 2021. Unfortunately, the distance and the arguments got the better of their love affair, which this time could be well and truly over.

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