If you want a recap of the end of season 2 of Validé, this is where it happens! However, this article contains many spoilers.

Since October 11, season 2 of Valid is available on Netflix! After more than a year of absence, rap fans were able to find William and Brahim, but unfortunately without their sidekick Clément (Hatik). The two friends decided to create a music label in his honor, bearing the Apash Music blase. If they are initially apprehensive, they decide to trust Sara (Laetitia Kerfa), a young aspiring rapper who will call herself LAlpha. She and Clément have many things in common, in particular a heavy past to take care of. Sara is threatened by her ex Nasser, who even in prison, does everything possible to ruin her life. After kidnapping their son and trying to prevent the promotion of his record, the criminal has put in place a final plan: to have LAlpha killed during his concert. So what happened at the very end of Valid season 2 ?

Validated season 2
Validated season 2 – Credit (s): Canal +

Even locked in his cell, Nasser is a very powerful man. His various years spent in the street allowed him to create links with many bosses, always ready to help him. He therefore instructed his men to kill his ex during his concert, but while we really fear for Sara’s life, Mounir (Adel Bencherif) enters the arena. While many of his friends thought he was dead, he gradually reestablished links with his allies. And while Nasser was satisfied with the success of his Machiavellian plan, his two henchmen were killed. For his part, he was hanged by his cellmate, who obviously took care to pass it off as suicide, all under Mounir’s orders.. As for Apash, we learned towards the end of season 2 that it was finally Karnage (Bosh) who killed him, but the rapper prodigy was avenged by Mastar. Unlike the first round of episodes, this sequel therefore ends very well, but Franck Gastambide has no plans to tackle a season 3 of Valid shortly !

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