The Validé soundtrack is available for the first time in physics and for the occasion. Here is all the info.

While we invited you to discover which rapper had been the most listened to Apple Music since 2015 between Jul, Ninho, PNL … we will now tell you about the series Valid. It’s simple, during the confinement it was a bit like the series before which all of France feasted. Even if it divides, there is no denying its success. And it is not Hatik aka Apash or Bosh aka Karnage who will tell us the opposite! The two artists currently occupy the first two places in the Top 100 of Apple Music. But it is not of them that we are going to talk to you today but of the release of the soundtrack of the series!

If you are a fan, know that the soundtrack is available for the first time on CD and Vinyl. And, for the occasion, three new tracks were added to the project: a featuring by Mister V and Alkapote, a sound by Lefa featuring with Take A Mix and Dry and finally, a new by Mac Tyer. We let you go listen to all this and enjoy waiting for the shooting of season 2 which will take place in September! And to make you wait until then, we suggest you take a look at the top albums of the week with Lady Gaga, Ninho, Angèle, Nekfeu and many other artists. You will see, there has been a change!


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