Usher certainly didn’t expect to create a meme by participating in a Tiny Desk Concert ! This Thursday, June 30, he came to sing for the American channel NPR Music. For those who have never heard of it, these concerts are not like the others. The concept, launched in 2008 by radio host Bob Boilen, Is simple. Artists, both unknown and famous, come to perform in an intimate atmosphere, without an audience and with the only decor being an office and a library. The objective is to allow musical artists to perform as naturally as possible. And the Tiny Desk Concerts have gradually established themselves as a cultural reference in the United States. A few famous artists have shot in this concept, like Mac Miller.

The main objective of the show is still to discover unknown artists. This does not prevent some musical behemoths to make a passage there, like Usher on June 30. His concert took place in a rather special setting: the ” Black Music Month“. NPR actually devoted the entire month of June to musical performances by artists representative of African-American music. And of course, in R&B, Usher is a pretty obvious choice. He sang some of his most famous songs there: You Make Me Wanna… ; Super star ; U Don’t Have to Call ; Nice & Slow ; My Way ; Confessions Part II. And it was while he was singing this last piece that he committed the irreparable…

“Watch This” : Usher’s meme went viral

A very light and completely innocent irreparable of course. In fact, Usher performed a move that left viewers literally laughing. The moment only lasted 3 seconds. As the singer spoke the words ” Watch this“, he passed his fingers in front of his eyes in a certain way which visibly marked Internet users. And since the concert was streamed on Youtubethis meme has been repeated countless times, especially on Twitter. Usher, meanwhile, was pretty happy to learn of the existence of this meme. Which is quite sad all the same: the quality of his music has faded into the background.


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