The actress Fran Drescher, known for her role in Une nanny d’Enfer, will be on TF1 for a new Christmas movie!

Among the series of the 1990s that we will never forget, there is necessarily A Nanny from Hell, formerly broadcast on M6! The excellent Fran Drescher played Fran Fine and his relationship with Maxwell Sheffield made us go through all the emotions. If it is now a past time, the actress will soon be found in a new Christmas film broadcast on TF1 ! Indeed, the chain is about to unveil A Christmas from Hell, this Tuesday, November 9 at 1:55 p.m., a little less than a year after its broadcast in the United States.

The synopsis ofA Christmas from Hell is the next : “Accompanied by his best friend Maddy, Hugo returns to spend the Christmas holidays with his mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He keeps bumping into Patrick, a young man who was in the same high school as him more than ten years ago. Hugo and Patrick immediately feel an attraction for each other, but Hugo’s imminent departure casts a shadow over their romance, especially as Hugo is offered a promotion that will force him to move to London, if he decides to accept it. He must also help his mother prepare a magical festival for all the inhabitants of Carroll Avenue and save the city’s historic train station from being demolished. “

A Nanny from Hell
A Hell Nanny – Credit (s): a Hell Nanny

You got it, the TV movie Christmas from hell, written by Michael J. Murray and directed by Pat Mills stands out from other Lifetime productions as it will feature a gay couple. Casting side, Ben Lewis will play the role of Hugo Spencer, Blake Lee that of Patrick Ryan, Fran Drescher will play Kate Spencer and Ellen Wong will play Madelyn McKay. The Christmas movie season is officially on and if your thirst for these romantic comedies is never sated, here is the schedule of Christmas movies planned on Netflix!


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