Robert Sheehan is very attractive and it is not this actress of Game of Thrones who will tell us the opposite. Quickly discover the one who fell for him.

It is a real phenomenon! Robert Sheehan, who was not at all stressed about kissing another man for The Umbrella Academy, has become a staple character on the small screen. The actor is currently causing a sensation in his new series. The most nostalgic among you will remember his successful stint in Misfits. Besides being talented, the young man is charming. The number of her admirers is only increasing. And these are not all anonymous. You might not know it but an actress from Game Of Thrones has always had a little something for the actor.

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams – Credit (s): gettyimages

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Maisie Williams revealed that she had completely lost her means upon seeing Robert Sheehan for the first time. The interpreter of Arya Stark then began to blush and could not help but have a broad smile on his lips: “I met Robert Sheehan on a plane and did this giggling girl mania. I’m still mad at myself about it.” Rest assured, there is no doubt that the actor has good memories of this moment. And for always more information, the editor of melty reveals the actress who really does not leave Robert Sheehan indifferent.


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