Two Door Cinema Club is back with a fourth album called False Alarm. The Irish trio confided exclusively to melty.

Impossible not to know at least one song by Two Door Cinema Club. A real phenomenon on the other side of the sleeve, the British group stood out in festivals around the world in 2010 thanks to their first opus, Tourist History. Since then, the trio has played two other albums Beacon in 2012 and Gameshow a few years later. The members of the group got lost a little bit of sight and did not hesitate to tell us about it in this very intimate #Soundcheck as did Dylan Minnette of 13 Reasons Why and his rock group Wallows last week. Meet the British trio who have nothing more to hide.

“Although False Alarm is a very personal album tackling subjects like humanity in today’s society, we want to make the people who listen to us happy” tells us Alex Trimble, singer of Two Door Cinema Club “I think that being no longer afraid of being vulnerable and learning to communicate with each other has been very beneficial for us.” he adds. The trio’s fourth album is indeed a true renaissance after all the dramas that have taken place within it. “We didn’t talk to each other for several years and it was a real ordeal for us to get through it all. But in the end, it helped us more than anything else.” confides to us Kevin Baird, the bass player of the group.

“Releasing this album is very stressful for us because we don’t know how people will react but it is also a relief.” Alex tells us before adding “The first two albums we wrote were not necessarily what we wanted to do. We didn’t really know how to position ourselves in the music industry, we really felt left out.” says the singer despite the group’s 10 years. False Alarm nevertheless allows the group to reinvent itself while honoring its pop and electronic influences from its beginnings. The opus is very balanced between the vocal performances of Alex Trumble and the instrumental effects without spoiling the message of the album. The members of Two Door Cinema Club are wiser, are not afraid to change and it is thanks to this that their music evolves in such a surprising and unique way today.

Despite their differences which almost separated them, Two Door Cinema Club is well set out to make it work this time. The Irish have decided to tackle subjects well rooted in reality in order to reach as many people as possible. For example, the group addresses the various problems related to the generation of millennials throughout the opus. False Alarm is for melty one of the most important albums of the year and we can’t wait to see the group during Rock en Seine 2019 whose programming really sends heavy.


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