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Twitch, it is sometimes the jungle. On a light tone, not always easy to find a place and Ninja gave his advice to beginners. But more seriously, swatting sometimes affects users. A practice of calling the police with a false alarm (such as a hostage-taking or an attack) during a live to attend an often muscular intervention. Victims come out traumatized. Streamer PixelKitten was hit during a charity live stream.

The police were “calm, understanding” in the face of this swatting

PixelKitten was swatted after receiving unsolicited pizzas at his home. Special forces, contacted about an armed assassin about to commit suicide, arrived by “half a dozen cars” with “full gear and firearms drawn as the young woman indicates. After this event, PixelKitten reassured its viewers.

Thank you so much to everyone who has messaged or contacted me about swatting. My family, my dogs and I are doing well! I can’t thank you enough for all the messages and love you sent me. I am so lucky to know so many amazing people.

PixelKitten says police knew about swatting and showed up “calm, understanding”. The young woman also clarified that she files a complaint against the author of this false call which could have turned into a tragedy. Despite this incident, the streamer raised $3000 for Promoting Awareness/Victim Empowerment (PAVE), an association dedicated to “creating a world free of sexual violence and building communities of support for victims”.



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