To find out if Tristan is in a relationship with Luna, the ex of Paga since the end of the shooting of Marseillais the rest of the world 6, it’s here!

Revealed to the general public in 2020 in Love island, Tristan then went on to reality TV shows. Remember, a short time ago the candidate participated in The Villa of Broken Hearts 6, program in which he had the following problem: “I am too demanding”. During the filming of this program, the young man had a romance with Inès but, unfortunately, it did not last. Subsequently, he was in the casting of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6. According to the many rumors on the Web, during the filming of the cross, the candidate would have approached many young women including Océane El Himer, Laura or even Luna with whom he would have been in a relationship. And while Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have revealed if they are at war with Sarah Lopez, Tristan has made some confidences during a frequently asked questions with his community on Instagram.

Tristan casts doubt on his relationship with Luna
Tristan casts doubt on his relationship with Luna – Credit (s):

Among these, he spoke of his relationship with Paga’s ex-girlfriend. So, as you can see from the snapshot above, when a surfer asked: “Are you in a relationship with Luna?”, the young man said, mentioning the candidate of Marseillais in Dubai : “Do you know about it? Aha”. These are words that sow doubt as to the nature of the current relationship between Tristan and Luna. Anyway between them, so as not to spoil Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, the main parties concerned will not be able to speak and say more about their relationship before the program is broadcast. Also, be aware that Julie replaced a surfer after the latter questioned him about cosmetic surgery.

Credit: Instagram: tristanmrs
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