More touching than ever, a grandmother thanked Elliot Page for coming out as transgender. Quickly discover his adorable letter to the actor!

Touched by Elliot Page’s trans coming-out, Maryann Durmer sent him a heartbreaking letter published in the pages of Huffington Post. The 75-year-old granny who describes herself as “a white, cisgender, straight woman raised in a bossy house” thanked the actor for his courage: Elliot Page revealed that he is transgender, and as the grandmother of a young transgender woman, I am grateful that he did. He has helped my granddaughter live openly with freedom by using his fame and visibility to help other people. When I heard the news for my granddaughter, I texted her to tell her that I loved her and supported her. “ The woman explains that the actor’s gesture helped her “rethinking your prejudices and my understanding of sexuality and gender.”

In her particularly touching essay, Maryann Durmer continued: “When your grandchild is transgender, it’s complicated. I’m afraid I might do or say something wrong by accident. Saying a new name after having known someone for over 20 years is not Easy. All I know is I love my granddaughter and that will never change. I am proud to be her grandmother. “ Encouraged by the coming out ofElliot Page, the grandmother explains having read books and watching films to educate herself on the subject in order to better understand the experience of her granddaughter. A tender statement that will certainly move the main concerned. For even more cuteness, know that an actor of the X-Men saga also reacted with tenderness to the coming out of Elliot Page.

Credit: The Huffington Post


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