1.5 billion. This is the number of tweets related to video games that were posted between 1er January and June 30, 2022 if we are to believe the figures shared by Rishi Chadha, global head of creator partnerships and gaming content at Twitter. It must be said that despite a big downturn since April, this year 2022 has started on a high note with many major releases such as Pokémon Legends Arceus, Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and more. .

The most tweeted games of the first half of 2022

Moreover, with announcements or major events such as the takeover of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft, the takeover of Bungie by Sony or even the Summer Game Fest, these are not the topics of discussion that have been lacking. But do you have any idea which games have managed to get the most attention on twitter? during this first half of 2022? Believe us, the result is far from what we expect.

Top 10 tweeted games 2022

among all the major novelties of this year, Elden Ring is therefore the only one to appear in the ranking proudly enthroned in seventh place. A fine score for FromSoftware, which more than ever confirms its position of choice within the industry. In first positionwe then find Genshin Impactthe hit game from MiHoYo, followed by wordlethe trend of the moment, and finally Together Stars!, a Japanese mobile game. We warned you, it’s unexpected.

We then find other major successful licenses such as Final Fantasy, which narrowly misses its place on the podium, Apex Legends (6th), Valorant (9th) and finally The Legend of Zelda, which closes the march of this Top 10 despite the postponement of the Breath of the Wild sequel to 2023. In fifth and eighth position are finally two other Japanese mobile games completely unknown to us: PJ Sekai and FGO Project.

The countries that tweet the most about gaming

But how to explain such results? The reason is simple. Among the ten countries that tweeted the most about video games during this periodwe find in particular Japan in first place, Korea in third place, Thailand in fourth place, indonesia in fifth position, the Philippines in seventh position and finally india in eighth position. Many Eastern countries thereforewhich helps to understand why the most popular games are also very oriental.

And if you ever wondered: no, France is not on the list. Moreover, the latter only includes the presence ofonly one European country: the United Kingdom, which we know is one of the main markets for video games and which is in ninth position. The last countries are located in America since we find United States in second place, Brasil in sixth place and finally Mexico in last place.


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