Like every Friday, it’s time to find out what to expect next week in Tomorrow is ours.

This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Martin benefited from accomplices in his run and found refuge with Chloe. Unfortunately, this one was unmasked by Judith, who will not appreciate that her mother has taken so many risks. She will therefore reveal the truth to Alex, and the latter, to protect his children, will make the decision to denounce Martin to the police. This one will therefore be found by his colleagues, but fortunately, he will be able to count on the support of Virginie. Thanks to their respective research, the investigation into Danielli’s murder will finally be elucidated in the next episodes of the series. TF1. At the same time, we will witness a highly anticipated return to the city of Sète … Valérie Myriel, who was reported missing at sea more than a year and a half ago, will come back and find her son Souleymane!

Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us, we will also discover the character of Lydie Chardeau, who is none other than Renaud’s ex-wife and Samuel’s mother! But the two men will be little delighted at the idea of ​​seeing this person land in Sète … Family secrets will be revealed. At the same time, Aurélien will discover the secret hidden by Bart and Louise on their relationship, and the mother of the family will have to explain her actions. At the same time, Manon and Isam will continue to get closer, until they end up falling in love and forming a new couple in the series. As for Chloe, her romance with Xavier will be a little more complicated … While waiting to see the rest of these stories from Monday at 7:10 pm on TF1, find out when and how Lucie Salducci (Lorie Pester) will return in Tomorrow belongs to us.

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