A detail surrounding the plot of Chemsa and Karim went unnoticed in Tomorrow belongs to us.

This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Clémentine is making her comeback and Chloe is about to give birth to a baby. If these two intrigues promise to be joyous, the rest is rather dark concerning Karim and Lou, since their daughter was kidnapped … To save Nina, the lawyer then decided to shoot Chemsa, whose head is put at a price. The latter is now plunged into a coma and the future looks very dark for the young woman. But at the heart of this whole story, viewers missed an interesting detail. Did you notice anything weird about the character of Amine, Chemsa’s brother? In reality, his voice is doubled, but we saw (almost) only fire.

Amine's voice is doubled
Amine’s voice is doubled – Credit (s): tf1

If it is Nadir Nejjari who lends his features to Amine in Tomorrow belongs to us, it is however John Salome who doubled his voice, as indicated by the credits of the series on TF1. AlloCine told : “The channel explained to us that there had been sound problems, related to noises occurring on the set, on one or more scenes involving Amine and that Nadir Nejjari, the actor playing Chemsa’s brother on the screen, was unfortunately not available at the time of post-synchronization. “ TF1 so asked another actor, John Salome, to dub the character and do it for all of his scenes, so as not to create confusion. This is why some viewers were slightly disturbed when they saw the passages of Amine! Still on the subject of Tomorrow belongs to us, know that an actress will leave the series.


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