It’s time to find out what to expect next week in Tomorrow is ours.

What suspense this week in Tomorrow belongs to us, with the release of Nina, finally! Karim and Lou were finally able to find their daughter safe and sound after two weeks full of tension. As for Chemsa, still in a coma, the doctors are confident that she will wake up … But Amine’s henchman came to the hospital to kill her! If Chemsa, who will regain consciousness, tries to struggle, she will eventually be suffocated and poisoned.. But will the doctors arrive in time to save her in extremis? Nothing is less certain and the young woman could well die … In any case, Lou and Karim will feel very guilty in the next episodes of the series. TF1.

Moreover, Martin will demand that Sara give him the identity of his hacker in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. Panicked at the idea that we discover that she is actually Aurélie Doumergue, Roxane will think about leaving Sète, as well as breaking up her relationship. In parallel, Alex will put his life in danger by behaving very disturbingly in the days to come, even failing to cause an accident with his wife Chloé and their daughter Céleste. Great tensions are to be expected at the Delcourts … Fortunately, we can count on lighter moments with Clémentine and Sasha, who will revolve around the gym. While waiting for the continuation Monday at 19:10 on TF1, here is the detail you missed on the plot around Chemsa and Karim in Tomorrow belongs to us.


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