Here is what awaits you next week in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1.

You saw him this week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Alex’s “false” father, Jacques Bertrand, has been murdered. Obviously, suspicion weighs on Chloe’s husband since he is surely one of the last people to have seen him and he had a violent altercation with him. Next week in the series TF1, the police will learn that Alex lied to them and that he saw his father well the day of his death. Summoned to the police station, he will be taken into custody. As for Judith, she will hide a secret from her family and take big risks … Maybe she is still in contact with her grandmother and that she is doing everything not to let her be found by the police!

Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine and Antoine will welcome a new CPE at the high school, named Lise. The problem is that the principal knows this young woman well but does not seem at all happy to work with her.. This Lise also knows Morgane … Can she be one of her ex? Mystery! At the same time, Sofia will always be in the dark because of the fake sextape and we will discover that Charlie and Luke are not there for nothing in the story of this video. As for Lou, she will continue to sink into psychosis with her daughter Nina, whom she will overprotect, even if it means putting her mental health in danger … While waiting to find the rest from Monday at 19:10 on TF1, know that the Here everything begins spin-off will soon be introduced in Tomorrow belongs to us.


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