A new teaser from Tomorrow belongs to us announces many new developments.

The wait is no longer very long! Tomorrow Belongs to Us returns on June 15 on TF1 with new episodes, after almost 3 months off … Finally! We also know that the series is preparing a new plot “Predator” poignant, around the rape of Amanda after the Spoon’s birthday party. The rest of the series promises to be very dark with this story and this new villain who could well make other victims in Sète. But it will not be the only intrigue to keep us going in the weeks to come! Tomorrow belongs to us recently unveiled a new teaser on the upcoming episodes and we can learn more info. Already, Chloé and Alex will discover the gender of their future baby, which will enchant Maxime and Judith’s mother and the whole family.

Tomorrow belongs to us returns on June 15

Coming soon in the series of TF1, we will also see Antoine reconnecting with his sister Gina, whom he lost sight of 20 years ago after having changed his identity … Will she come to live in Sète? Will it definitively integrate Tomorrow belongs to us ? Possible … As for Bart, he will continue to get closer to Gabin and the young man could definitely turn the page on Hugo by starting a new love story with his friend! In parallel, strong tensions will continue to develop between Leïla and Samuel and their couple will be more than ever in danger in the next episodes, which will make Noor and Jules very happy … Until we find the series on Monday June 15 at 7:10 pm on TF1, here are other spoilers on the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us.



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