According to these clues circulating on social networks, Tom Holland and Zendaya would be engaged in secret!

Crazy in love, Tom Holland made a tender statement to Zendaya on her birthday. The British actor posted an adorable photo with his sweetheart on Instagram and this one quickly caused fan hysteria. The reason ? In the photo in question, the actress wears a ring on her left ring finger which is none other than the finger on which we put a wedding ring. It did not take more for Internet users to imagine a secret engagement between the two lovebirds. And for good reason, the 25-year-old has also been seen with a ring in recent days. But the clues don’t end there!

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged?
Are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged? – Credit (s): Instagram sonypicturesuk

As you can see above, the account Instagram Sony Pictures UK celebrated the anniversary of Zendaya with pictures from the Spider-Man saga. In the comments, the studio added several hashtags including that of “engagement” or “engagement” in French. While the word was quickly erased, it did not escape the expert eyes of fans. On social networks, however, opinions are divided. While some believe it hard as iron, others are more skeptical. In other words, we will have to be patient before knowing more. In the meantime, find out which famous rapper has fallen for Zendaya.

Credit: Instagram sonypicturesuk / tomholland2013
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