We spoke with singer Tim Dup on his new album, his future projects … Everything is to be discovered in our exclusive interview.

A few days ago, we invited you to listen to the new hit, “My sun” by Dadju in collaboration with Anitta. And to continue this momentum, we invite you to meet Tim Dup, an artist who will brighten up your long summer evenings. Team Dup just released their third album, The mad rush, a solar opus, with Italian sounds “to listen without moderation, at aperitif time, with friends” recommend the artist. We invite you to discover more about this artist to follow absolutely in our exclusive interview. Tim Dup talks to us about the composition of his album, the shooting of his music video “Just to please you”, of his podcast and his songs written for Louane who has just unveiled the music video for “To love to death”, a heartbreaking title.

melty: Hi Tim! You just released your 3rd album, “La course folle”, can you tell us about it?

Tim Dup (singer): It’s a project I had been working on for months, I fought to get it out before the summer, and it’s done. It’s a record that is quite solar, there is a letting go that took place on this album. In fact, it was not at all planned. I was supposed to go on tour for about two years and then had to go home for containment. Usually I write about my experiences, there I had to write about the desire to relive, to taste again the intoxication of life. It is a record which is more alive in the instrumentalizations, it is also sung more. I feel like I’ve found my voice on this album.

melty: How did the writing go?

Dup Team: The first songs were born during the first lockdown and pretty soon I was inspired. And then there was a little bit harsh phase. I had a few songs that weren’t very sweet but were not in the format you would expect. In mode, the partners who ask you to do things a little more dancing, rhythmic. This phase was a little less fun. And in fact, I challenged myself and gave the best of myself.

melty: You chose as your first single “Just to please you”, what is he talking about?

Dup Team: Well precisely, it is following this phase that I wrote “Just to please you”. It’s the most pop song I’ve ever done, and I love it. I really got into the game. And what’s funny, too, is that for the verses of this song, I’ve never written anything so literary. I completely let go of this song and it made me laugh. I can’t wait to be able to sing it on stage and see how people react.

melty: In the clip, you tell the story of Stéphane madly in love with Pauline, his best friend who is about to marry Thomas. Where did this story come from?

Dup Team: With Hugo Pillard, with whom I do almost all my videos since the beginning, we had this idea for a long time, which made us really laugh. We wanted to put it on “Deadly habanera” which is a song from the first album but we didn’t have time and then there was confinement so we never had time. And then there was this song, and I thought it was cool to take it somewhere other than its pop side precisely and make it something a little weird. And we really had fun writing the story, and then it also allowed me to show another side of me, a little crazy (laughs).

melty: How did the shooting go?

Dup Team: What was funny enough was that not all of the extras were aware of what was really going to happen. So in fact, when I made my speech, awkward phew and well people were really embarrassed (laughs). And it was really like a wedding, a real atmosphere. People danced together, they met, it was authentic. It was really fun ! I believe that if I am offered a project as an actor, I will not refuse!

melty: In the past, you wrote songs for Louane, “Non-sens” and “Blonde”. Can you tell us about this experience?

Dup Team: It’s interesting, I really like this exercise. You have to know how to put yourself in the other’s shoes. You are bound to tell a little about yourself, but it is above all about the other. So for that, you have to meet. I would have a hard time writing remotely about someone I don’t know, whom I haven’t seen. I find that Louane has an evolution which is very interesting. She is a very great performer, she manages to put a lot of emotions and intentions into her songs. She is an artist with whom I could collaborate.

Team Dup
Tim Dup – Credit (s): Diane Sagnier, Columbia

melty: What would be your dream collaboration?

Dup Team: Good iver I think. There is something that touches me a lot, both in his writing and then in the form. He’s a very inventive person, it’s super modern and at the same time it’s very lively like his. He’s a genius.

melty: You also have a podcast “Time found, time upset” on Apple Poscast. Can you tell us about it?

Dup Team: It was during the first confinement, I wanted to go on a longer format and give the floor to other people than me. It was a great occupation. It was a podcast a bit about this time we were living, it was not about theorizing it but just talking about it. There was a notion each time that emerged from each interview. Gaël Faye, for example, he spoke to us above all about the link to memory with the Rwandan genocide. It was really cool, I would love to do another one!

Credit: melty
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