Tiffany has just formalized her break with Raphaël Pépin. All the details here.

Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin in a single station wagon? We know more. And if it’s been several weeks since Internet users say that they are well separated, it is only now that Tiffany has just made the rumors official. On her Instagram story, she then said: “Raph and I have been well separated for weeks now (…) Our paths separate after 3 years of living together. That’s life. (…) I think it was the best decision for him as for me. I just ask you to respect this choice, this rupture … “. A story to discover a little further down in this article …

For his part, Raphaël Pépin did not talk about this break on his social networks. Rather discreet about his private life, he is not used to giving himself up like that. But anyway, he also unfollow Tiffany from his Instagram account. And he, too, deleted all the photos he had with the beautiful blonde …

Now that they are both single, we think that they could well be on other reality TV shows … Why not in the next season of The Villa of Broken Hearts or in Objective Rest of the World. In a completely different register, know that Hillary has just given birth to a little boy and she has unveiled a first photo.

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