Tiana (Star Academy) dares a radical change, a tribute to Vitaa? “It’s too copied” Follow us

Tiana (Star Academy) dares a radical change, a tribute to Vitaa? “It’s too copied” Follow us

The new season of star Academy will begin on Saturday November 4, 2023. This new edition will be longer than the previous one, with 12 weeks of competition. For the moment, information is confidential on this new season. But last year’s candidates are talking about them again. This is the case of young Tiana. The youngest in the competition seems today ready to fly with her own wings. Indeed, she recently announced the release of her first music video, ComplicatedSeptember 29, 2023: “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time”, “I can’t wait to discover this”, “Finally! », “It’s going to be a killing”his fans rejoiced.

For the occasion, Tiana changed her stage name. A little subtlety that Internet users immediately noticed. From now on, the young woman calls herself Tianaa. The addition of a letter in his original first name which is reminiscent of the pseudonym Vitaa. For many fans, Tiana has a similar background to that of the famous singer. Some remain mixed by this change of name: “We can hear Vitaa’s voice seriously, I hope she will keep her own identity”“I have the impression of hearing Vitaa at certain moments”, “Too much copied from Vitaa”, can we read in the comments.

Tiana spotted by the same label as Vitaa, Slimane and Gims

A few months ago, Tiana announced that she had signed a contract with the same music label as Vitaa, Slimane and Gims. Three artists whose universe she shares, and whose poster she can now dream of sharing. “I am very happy to announce to you that I finally signed with Indifférence Prod”, she declarede in a video posted on Instagram. While not everyone knows Indifférence Prod, everyone knows artists who have also signed with this label. And to continue: “ I’m so happy, I’m still shaking! I cried with joy earlier.”

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