Disney continues to make live-action remakes of its classics, the next one being The little Mermaid whose release date has just been unveiled! But if we could give the franchise one piece of Mickey Mouse earning advice, it would be to spare us more on some extremely traumatic scenes … Indeed, Disney cartoons are supposed to be a kid’s dream, but we all remember having wept like inconsolable madeleines in front of several of them. It is also not very nice for parents … Here are the most heartbreaking scenes from Disney movies (REVOLUTION)!

The death of Bambi’s mother

Bambi – Credit (s): Disney

If we had to remember just one, the scene of the death of Bambi’s mother is certainly the most striking. As she was teaching her son how to hunt for food without getting caught by their human enemies, two shots rang out before seeing little Bambi running … alone. To add tragedy to this scene, the deer exclaims that he successfully completed the mission before seeing his mother’s body lifeless.. We stop there because we are still on the verge of complaining.

Scar kills Mufasa

The Lion King
The Lion King – Credit (s): Disney

One of the other traumatic scenes from the movies Disney is obviously the death of Mufasa, Simba’s father (decidedly, everyone is dying). What is most heartbreaking about this story is that it was a member of their own family who orchestrated his death, to satisfy his need for power. Scar banished little Simba, who had to fend for himself for much of his life. Just seeing the hint of hope in Mufasa’s eyes against his half-brother’s icy stare, it sends shivers down your spine.

The abandonment of Rox by the widow

Rox & Rouky
Rox & Rouky – Credit (s): Disney

Rox & Rouky wasn’t the most popular cartoon of its generation, but then again, one of the scenes broke our hearts. Indeed, the little fox Rox was adopted at birth by the widow and her pet, Rouky. They quickly became good friends despite their different races. But to escape the anger of her neighbor Amos Slade, the widow has decided to abandon Rox in a wild refuge, he who has never lived in nature alongside other animals. The more the widow’s car sinks into the woods, and the more her tears roll down her cheeks, the more the fox understands that their beautiful friendship is about to end. Why make us go through this?

Pinocchio’s friend turns into a donkey

Pinocchio – Credit (s): Disney

Finally, this scene is less sad than the others but rather disturbing for a child. When Pinocchio and his friend Lampwick enjoy their time on Pleasure Island, all the naughty boys are struck by a curse that turns them into donkeys. Pinocchio then watches in amazement his boyfriend turn into a noisy animal, subsequently promised at an auction.. Long ears, tail and hooves then grow on Lampwick’s body as he runs to his mum for help before his latest cry sounds in the form of a bray. A truly traumatic sequence! What do you think is the saddest scene in Disney cartoons? If that doesn’t console you, here’s why so many moms die in kids’ movies!


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