After a return announced that in 2021, can season 5 of This Is Us arrive early?

Everyone seems very impatient to discover season 5 of This Is Us and all the new twists that await the Pearson family. However, the first news did not announce a return to the series before 2021 … Because of the Covid-19 pandemic all over the world and also in the USA, filming has all been stopped and resumption of that of series, especially for This Is Us, was only planned from January 2021, as revealed by Jon Huertas, who lends his features to the character of Miguel. We also know that this will be the case for many series and the fall program will be turned upside down. Still, there now seems to be some hope for fans of This Is Us !

This Is Us season 5 will return before 2021!

Finally, the Pearsons will indeed return to our small screen next fall for an unprecedented season 5, as is usually the case. NBC recently unveiled its provisional back-to-school schedule, and there are several series including This Is Us Tuesday night ! The American channel intends to resume filming its shows as soon as possible, and if it will surely restart this summer, we can therefore count on a reunion with Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall from the end of September or the beginning of October! If the epidemic does not know a rebound, with the sanitary gestures set up on the turning, there will therefore be no big changes for the series. This is good news for fans of This Is Us, who also wonder if Kate and Toby will divorce in season 5.



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