Here we go again for new adventures! After many questions, NBC has finally unveiled the broadcast date for season 5 of This is Us!

The Pearson family will be back soon … at least, sooner than expected. With the coronavirus pandemic, fans were wondering about the arrival of season 5 of This is Us on NBC, but they can finally be reassured. The Season Finale of season 4 ended with many twists that foreshadowed an exceptional but also overwhelming season 5. Rebecca’s state of health has deteriorated, the triplets no longer speak to each other and Kevin got married, but his wife’s identity is unknown. Suffice to say that season 5 of This is Us should lift the veil on many mysteries and we can not wait to discover it …

Back on November 10!
Back on November 10! – Credit (s): NBC

Patience … Season 5 of This is Us will disembark Tuesday November 10 on NBC with a double episode. At this time, we don’t know if there will be any episodes scheduled each week. since the shooting of these next episodes have not yet started. In any case, this season 5 of This is Us will address the coronavirus pandemic but we wonder how. Could the Pearson family be contaminated with Covid-19? Could Rebecca Die in This is Us Season 5? While waiting to learn more about this sequel, don’t forget to vote every day for your favorite series during the 2020 Series World Cup by clicking HERE!


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