In season 5 of This Is Us, will we see Kevin and Madison as a couple?

We will have to take his pain patiently … Season 5 of This Is Us could well be delayed and not land until 2021! Usually, we find the Pearson family in September or October, but the Covid-19 crisis is likely to upset all our plans this year. In any case, many are waiting to discover Kevin in the role of dad! Remember, at the end of season 4, Madison announced to Kate’s brother that she was pregnant with twins after their overnight adventure. The two are ready to raise their children together, although they are not currently a couple. ButCould things evolve between Kevin and Madison, and will romantic feelings arise between them in the aftermath of This Is Us ? It is quite possible that the future parents will get closer over the next episodes and try to build a life for two …

Madison and Kevin soon as a couple?

In the final mid-season of This Is Us season 4, Kevin announced (in the future) to the police who brought his mother Rebecca to the cabin that “his fiancée was pregnant”. This is what could teaser a love story to come between them! Sterling K Brown, who plays the role of Randall Pearson, also revealed to Entertainment Weekly that we would learn more about them later: “It’s going to be really interesting to find out the story of Madison and Kevin’s pregnancy and what exactly it all looks like, because Madison is just a wonderful character and Caitlin (Thompson) does a great job. “ One thing is certain, if they may not be (immediately) in a relationship, Kevin will be ready to support the future mother of his children in each stage of their pregnancy. While waiting to find out, know that a painful secret about Kate’s past will be revealed in season 5 of This Is Us.



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