The episode 5 of This Is Us season 5 has not been broadcast … But then, when can we find out?

Last week in This Is Us season 5, we discovered Kate’s heartbreaking secret, which she managed to hide for many years … Obviously, we would now like to learn more about the fact that she got pregnant in adolescence, and how her pregnancy went, which certainly did not come to an end. But this week, impossible to discover episode 5 of This Is Us season 5 on NBC, because it has not been broadcast … In fact, the series is (already) on hiatus for the winter break, which takes place every year in the United States, around Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The next episode of This Is Us season 5 will only air on January 5, 2021! Obviously, this sudden break is a little frustrating since once is not customary, we had the right to four episodes on the Pearson family this season.

The Pearson family returns January 5, 2021 on NBC
The Pearson family returns January 5, 2021 to NBC – Credit (s): nbc

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has postponed all series shootings and the production team, like most other shows, did not have time to box a large number of episodes before its broadcast. Showrunner Dan Fogelman even revealed that episode 4 of This Is Us season 5 has been completed in post-production the day before its broadcast, only! This winter break will therefore leave a little room for the team to anticipate the rest of the season. On January 5, we will then be able to discover the rest of the intrigues of the Pearson family, such as Malik’s internship with Randall, the mystery about his biological mother or even the relationship of Kevin and Madison which seems quite tense in the promo video. And we will also know if Kate really aborted in the sequel to season 5 of This Is Us.


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