Can Kate and Toby really divorce in season 5 of This Is Us? First elements of response.

Recently, we learned that a painful secret about Kate’s past will be explored in season 5 of This Is Us. This next season still has a lot of surprises and revelations about the Pearson family, but we will have to wait a little longer before discovering all this … Suddenly, all the theories are good and one concerning the couple of Toby and Kate is also gaining momentum lately. If we know that in the future the bride and groom will adopt a little girl named Hailey and that she will therefore become the sister of their son Jack, many assume that the couple will unfortunately be divorced. Despite a positive end for them in season 4 of This Is Us, several viewers point to the parallels between Miguel’s first divorce and Kate and Toby’s love story.

Kate and Toby in This Is Us

But recently in the podcast “Can’t Stop Watching” of The LA Times, Mandy Moore, who lends her features to Rebecca in This Is Us apparently dismantled this theory about Kate and Toby’s divorce: “Fans assume we will learn more about the past between Miguel and Rebecca in relation to what is going on in Kate and Toby’s marriage. People think that Kate and Toby are going to divorce and that’s how we will see Miguel and Rebecca get together, in a way … I am shocked. I am shocked that our little family history inspires fans to start theories. It’s a little crazy … “ Although Mandy Moore does not get too wet, we can still assume that the possible divorce between Kate and Toby will not take place, or at least, will not be discussed in season 5 of the series NBC! While waiting to learn more, know that the entire cast of This Is Us is currently facing sad news.



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