The Series World Cup is also the time to look back on the best performances of the season.

You can keep voting right here every day for your favorite series and maybe make it win the World Cup Series 2020 on melty, and in the meantime, we are looking at a few series in particular. The 2019-2020 season was rich in incredible performances and it is therefore time to look back on those that have marked us. Watch out for possible spoilers.

Sterling K. Brown – Randall Pearson in This Is Us

Randall in season 4 – Credit (s): nbc

Since his arrival in the series, Sterling K. Brown does not cease to dazzle us. But it’s really in the new season of This Is Us that the actor has reached new heights. Intense, vulnerable, anxious, radiant… If Randall manages to express his multiple facets, it is largely thanks to the talent of his interpreter who, we hope, will be rewarded as it should.

Sam Claflin – Oswald Mosley in Peaky blinders

A speech by Oswald Mosley – Credit (s): bbc

We have already seen it in The Hunger Games, Me After You or Adrift and it is on the small screen that Sam Claflin continues to shine. The young British actor was shown in season 5 of Peaky blinders a whole new facet of his talent thanks to his character, Oswald Mosley. An angry fascist, Mosley allowed Sam Claflin to express his charisma and his talents as a speaker that blew us away.

Anthony Starr – Homelander in The Boys

The Boys trailer – Credit (s): amazon prime

Again, it was a villain role that impressed us but what a role! Homelander was revealed little by little throughout the first season of The Boys to end up showing his terrible personality. But if he looks so horrible, it’s partly because that Anthony Starr plays it with the perfect balance of charisma and demonic attitude. What to make us look forward to seeing what he will be capable of in season 2.

Miles Heizer – Alex Standall in 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why – Credit (s): Netflix

Let’s try to put this disastrous season and its intrigues aside to simply be interested in the form, and the performance of the young Miles Heizer. Since the first season, Alex has touched viewers thanks to his sensitive side and his presence in the series. And the new episodes were no exception, so we figured it was time to recognize it. Like what, even with an average script, we can still put out brilliant performances.

Avi Nash – Siddiq in The Walking Dead

Siddiq and Dante – Credit (s): amc

He will unfortunately not go until the end of season 10 of The Walking Dead, but Avi Nash still deserves his accolade for his role in his last episodes. After being kidnapped by the Whisperers and suffering from severe PTSD, Siddiq discovered too late that his enemy was hiding right in front of his eyes. But until his final moments, Avi Nash made Siddiq a touching, fair and courageous character who will clearly be missed in the sequel.

Henry Cavill – Geralt de Riv in The witcher

The Witcher trailer – Credit (s): netflix

Henry Cavill a dropped Superman’s cloak to don the Geralt of Rivia costume sure Netflix and the least we can say is that it was rather successful for him. Alternately impressive and charismatic, Henry Cavill perfectly plays the role of Geralt, to believe it was tailor-made.


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