In the world of video games as elsewhere, critical and commercial successes are undoubtedly the sinews of war. If a title appeals to audiences while selling well, then it is usually followed by one or more sequels – sometimes even more than reason. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. In some cases, it is enough for a game to suffer a more mixed reception than expected and/or insufficient sales for the franchise to be abandoned by its creators, even though it deserves to continue. The proof by five.

#1 Days Gone

Days Gone

Now accustomed to reaching heights with all of his productions, Sony had to deal with a bit more mixed reception for Days Gone. That is why despite Bend Studio’s desire to make a sequel, the publisher preferred to refuse the project. Since then, the players have not failed to express their dissatisfaction, also demanding the return of Deacon St John.

#2 Prey


For many, Prey is considered one of the best games of 2017. It must be said that with its particular approach to FPS, which takes up certain codes from RPGs, immersive sims and infiltration games, it has largely captivates the public. Unfortunately, its sales having been deemed disappointing by Bethesda, Arkane’s game has still not been entitled to a sequel.. Regrettable…

#3 Bully


Between GTA and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has not failed to accumulate colossal successes in recent years. However, there is another studio license that many would like to see return: Bully. Certainly, the game did not make as many sales as the aforementioned licenses, but it still had a very good critical success. So it definitely deserves a sequel.

#4 Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

Between Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac Games had great success. However, the same cannot be said for Sunset Overdrive which, despite its great qualities, met with a rather timid commercial success. But we continue to hope that a sequel will eventually see the light of day, because a license with such a fun and fresh concept does not deserve to be forgotten.

#5 The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886

Criticized for its longevity and its gameplay, The Order: 1886 did not really convince the public. However, despite these flaws, the game of Ready at Dawn remains a superb experience with a universe of incredible potential.. Unfortunately, the mixed reception it received never allowed Ready at Dawn to continue developing this license, even if it deserved it.


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