Sometimes the greatest creations come from the greatest of luck. The proof with these extremely well-known video game characters, who were born thanks to incredible coincidences.

We will have noticed it many times in the past: sometimes, the greatest successes arise from completely outlandish situations, even completely linked to chance. Because, we all know the adage: chance does things well. And the characters we are going to discuss today are perfect proof of this, since they were all created by accident. In other words, they were all born thanks to incredible coincidences, and have since become among the most famous characters in the history of the medium.


a joke come true
a joke come true

Gouken is a bit old of the Street Fighter series. The craziest thing is that at first it was just an April Fool’s Day: Gouken didn’t really exist, it was just a conceptual joke from a video game magazine. And finally, Capcom decided to take the joke back and formalize it for real!


Kirby is from Nintendo's lawyer
Kirby is from Nintendo’s lawyer

The funny thing about Kirby is the story of his name: at the time of the character’s creation, Nintendo had an attorney who won a lawsuit against Universal Studios, who believed Nintendo had copied King. Kong for his game Donkey Kong. This lawyer, who allowed Nintendo to win his case, was called John Kirby … To say that before, the name that the Japanese firm with for the character was “Popopo” ...


The mascot could have been called otherwise ...
The mascot could have been called otherwise …

Pac-Man is one of the very first mascots in video game history. His name is now known to everyone, but initially things almost turned sour. Indeed, Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man, a name more complicated to pass in the USA (if we replace the P by an F). So directly, we went from Puck-Man to Pac-Man, and frankly, fortunately!


Luigi was actually a second Mario
Luigi was actually a second Mario

Luigi probably never should have existed. Besides, he didn’t really exist. In 1983, the first Mario game had a multi mode in which the second player could play as a second Mario, green this time to allow players to differentiate themselves.. In the end, that green supporting character idea was kept, and Luigi was born!



Mario is arguably the most popular video game character in the medium’s history. And yet … His beginnings are less glorious. Indeed, for his first appearance in the game Donkey Kong, Mario was actually “Jump-Man”. As the name suggests, it only does one thing: jump. Eventually, Nintendo instigated Shigeru Miyamoto to rework this character, and that’s how he became the mustached plumber we know today.


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