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These Activision / Blizzard licenses that we want to review with the takeover by Microsoft


This is certainly the news of this beginning of the year: Microsoft is about to buy Activision / Blizzard, one of the biggest studios / publishers in the history of video games. If we will still have to wait a while before this change is actually implemented and palpable by the players, it nevertheless means that Activision / Blizzard could thus leave its current strategy, namely to put all its studios on the Call license of Duty, its one and only golden egg hen. And, potentially, we could see some of players’ favorite licenses back in the years to come.

Guitar Hero

A concept we miss

How we miss Guitar Hero! If musical license was simply entitled to a completely failed reboot a few years ago (mainly because of very questionable artistic choices), we nevertheless hope for a revival in the series, more inspired by the classics of the license, namely Guitar Hero 3 or 4. One thing seems certain, if we stay in the same spirit, the series could once again meet with success!

Crash Bandicoot

Toys for Bob at the helm again?

Toys For Bob did a great job for the recently released Crash Bandicoot 4, and unfortunately the studio had to migrate to Call of Duty-related projects. We hope that Microsoft will be able to recognize the talent of the studio and put it towards another Crash Bandicoot project in the future!


One of Blizzard’s flagship licenses

Unquestionably one of Blizzard’s flagship licenses, Starcraft has not been entitled to a new entry for about 10 years now! It’s a shame, especially since the series continues to maintain its interest among players, especially on the esports scene, which is still flourishing today. In short, it would be the perfect opportunity to relaunch the license!


A real return for the little dragon?

If the little dragon Spyro was entitled to a lot of love a few years ago with a successful remaster of his first adventures, we must admit that we expect more. This takeover of Activision by Microsoft could potentially allow the license to be relaunched again, this time with completely new episodes!


To forget Warcraft 3 Reforged

After the debacle that was the remaster of Warcraft 3, we could honestly lose hope for the arrival of a brand new installment of the real-time strategy license that has allowed Blizzard to become one of the most followed studios in the world. . Fortunately, with this takeover, relaunching the license is now entirely possible!



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