Netflix unveils the trailer for season 5 of the Ladies of the phone. Lidia and the others are getting ready to fight one last fight, and this time it will be for all women.

As you know, season 5 of the series The Ladies of the Telephone will be the last, and the last part will be available from July 3 on the platform! Netflix has just shared the trailer for the last 5 episodes of the Spanish show, and it promises to be incredible. In the program ? Lidia (Blanca Suárez), Marga (Nadia de Santiago), Carlota (Ana Fernández) and Óscar (Ana Polvorosa) plan to fight one last fight, and the challenge is to save as many women as possible! They will mostly have to face Carmen Cifuentes, who turns out to be alive and well. The old lady does not intend to mess up and will make the young ladies on the phone experience a ordeal, locked up in the recovery center which she directs.

These final episodes will resume shortly after the events of the first part of season 5, broadcast last February. Lidia and the others know that the fight for the emancipation of women is in their hands, and they can count on the help of Francisco and his friends to accompany them. Fans can’t help but mourn Carlos’s absence, and still have hopes that he will rise from the ashes in the aftermath. If there is little chance of that happening, these last episodes promise to be epic and strong in emotions. “Every story has an end. It can be happy, sad, hard. It all depends on the point of view”, Lidia announces in the teaser, with a tear flowing down her cheek. While waiting to discover this final chapter, here are all the Netflix releases expected in June.



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