We look at the famous Wheel of Time, the mystical force that weaves the destiny of the protagonists of the series.

Between the prophecy of the Dragon, the existence of mystical creatures, or that of the Aes sedai, the first episodes of The Wheel of Time have already introduced several concepts drawn from the literary universe from which the fantasy series is inspired. There is one which remains quite mysterious, it is that of the Wheel of Time, in other words the title of the show. What is the Wheel of Time? How does it work? Who created it? So many questions that we will try to answer. There are seven wheels, each corresponding to a different Age. In this case, the action of The Wheel of Time takes place during the Third Age.

Moiraine sedai (Rosamund Pike)
Moiraine sedai (Rosamund Pike) – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

The Wheel was created by the Creator, and draws its energy from Source, but no one knows how long it takes to complete one revolution., nor if this duration varies from one cycle to another. The Wheel dictates the life and fate of the various characters, which allow the Motif to be written. Each Age has its own Pattern, written in advance, which cannot be really changed. To better understand, you have to visualize a giant loom with a spinning wheel that allows, little by little, the weaving of a pattern that directly influences the daily life of the protagonists.

This is why in the first episodes of The Wheel of Time, we often hear the heroes talk about the Wheel and what it decided for them. Everyone knows that their destiny is not entirely in their hands, and that certain choices are already predefined. One detail does not change, however: the presence of the Dragon, who is reincarnated from Age to Age. It is therefore imperative that Moiraine and the Aes sedai find their new reincarnation, in order to stop it and prevent the destruction of the Worlds. It is therefore a rather particular mythology that we find at the heart of the series and which, we hope, will perhaps be further explained in the next episodes. Waiting for, The Wheel of Time continues to hit the mark on Amazon Prime Video.

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