The next The Walking Dead spin-off continues to unfold and the news is bad for Rick Grimes.

While several series are competing for the 2020 World Cup Series – which you can vote for every day right here – we take a look at the new trailer for the one that is not yet in the competition: The Walking Dead: World Beyond. This new spin-off of The Walking Dead will only have 2 seasons but he is supposed to tell us a lot, especially about the CRM group – Civic Republic Military – which took Rick Grimes. And as you can see in the video above, the news isn’t necessarily good as you hear people talking about this organization in rather disturbing ways.

Hope – Credit (s): amc

Even if nothing confirms us that it is indeed CRM that the characters are talking about, we tend to think that the community with the 3 rings is the target of criticism. One of the red threads of the plot will indeed be to go in search of a scientist, the father of one of the heroines, who works for CRM. It is for this reason that all the small group will get underway, and it is especially for this reason that we expect to have a lot of new information on Rick thanks to this new spin-off. While waiting to know what we are going to learn exactly, we also wondered if The Walking Dead movie could soon create a huge crossover with the 3 series.


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