The final season of World Beyond could serve as a launching pad for films about Rick Grimes!

Let’s be honest! Learning more about the fate of Rick Grimes is one of the reasons fans of The Walking Dead watch World Beyond. Indeed, since his departure from the original show in season 9, the mystery surrounding the sheriff’s fate has only amplified the fandom’s curiosity for the CRM. This enigmatic military society which revealed itself in its worst facet in the last episodes of the final season of World Beyond. And for good reason, now that we know the ins and outs of the Votus project, we are aware that the CRM led by the imperturbable Jadis is ready to kill many innocent people to achieve its ends.

Long ago in World Beyond season 2
Once in World Beyond Season 2 – Credit (s): AMC

A reality that the Bennett family cannot bear, which is why, with the help of scientists from the CRM, the latter launched a vast rebellion operation. The plan ? Outsmart Jadis’ actions by erasing scientific data related to Project Votus before setting the company buildings on fire. A revolution that will be the high point of the spin-off in addition to being the final outcome. Indeed, there are only two episodes left before the conclusion of World Beyond, which will stop definitively after this second season. Suffice to say that the plot will be concentrated in a short period of time. A period that seems very short to allow the CRM to be destroyed correctly. Unless the purpose of the spinoff series serves only to set the plot for future films in the franchise The Walking Dead.

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead series
Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead series – Credit (s): AMC

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that this rebellion orchestrated by the Bennett family and the rest of the Perimeter survivors becomes exponential. That is, it quickly spreads beyond the borders of the spin-off, to the point of reaching where Rick Grimes is. And for good reason, it seems obvious that a character like the sheriff will be on the side of the Bennett family when he learns the real actions of the CRM. His reaction to the revelations (unless he’s already aware of it, it’s a possibility) could notably be the starting point of the first film. It would also be much more interesting to see the latter stand up against the CRM with the help of Michonne – along the way – than to simply see yet another scenario embroidered around the zombie apocalypse. And you what do you think ?

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