It’s the 2020 Series World Cup, it’s time to see which series have released the best episodes of the season.

The competition continues and a lot of series compete on all fronts to win the 2020 World Cup on melty! Today we take a tour of some of the best episodes of the 2019-2020 season which was rich in quality content – but beware of spoilers. And if you want to see your little darling win, this is where you have to vote!

The Walking Dead – 10×07 “Open your eyes”

An excerpt from episode 7 – Credit (s): amc

We say it right away, the debate was tight between episode 7 and episode 9 of season 10, “Squeeze”, which takes place in a cave. But it’s still episode 7 that we remember, because it has proven once and for all that Angela Kang had regained control of The Walking Dead. She did not wait for a mid-season to mark the occasion and it is in “Open your eyes” that Dante’s true identity was discovered – who came shortly before Siddiq’s death. With an omnipresent and perfectly controlled tension and an ambient paranoia as oppressive as possible, episode 7 reminded us of what it was to have chills in front of The Walking Dead, and as much to say that it feels good.

Sex Education – 2×07 “Episode 7”

The trailer for season 2 – Credit (s): Netflix

The new season of Sex Education sure Netflix did not wait for the last episode to surprise fans since it was with her penultimate episode that she made an impression. As chaos rages in the halls of the school, other intrigues, including that of Maeve, Aimee and the others, take the time to come back to essential messages and an exemplary sorority that make episode 7 one of the most striking of the whole series.

The Umbrella Academy – 2×10 “The End of Something”

The trailer for season 2 – Credit (s): Netflix

So yes, there were some hesitations between the final season and the very first episode of the new season of The Umbrella Academy which landed at the end of July on Netflix. It must be said that the introduction to the return of the Hargreeves was rather brilliant, but it is still the final season – as often – which deserves the title of best episode of the season. Between conclusion to intrigues as complex as they are fascinating and teasing for an even more gripping sequel, the final season has found a perfect balance which is largely worth it to be in this list.

Peaky blinders – 5×04 “The Loop”

Peaky Blinders – Credit (s): BBC

Difficult to choose just one episode from Peaky blinders which once again shone for its new season. However with Lizzie’s birthday, the opium deal that promises to bail out the Shelbys and a performance of Swan Lake against the backdrop of a marriage proposal and then a shooting, this episode turned out to be more striking than the rest. With “The Loop”, Steven Knight still shows his talent and allows Sam Claflin, through a chilling speech, to really show what Oswald Mosley is made of.

Why Women Kill – 1×10 “Kill me as if it were the last time”

Not to be missed – Credit (s): CBS

Why Women Kill did not make much noise, however the small series of Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) was broadcast in France on M6 and we can only advise you. Obviously watch out for spoilers in the sequel if you haven’t seen it. After 9 episodes which retrace 3 destinies, It is in the final season that everything falls into place and that the heroines meet – metaphorically but also literally for some. With a perfectly orchestrated dance scene, the latest episode of the series has a lot to stand out in an already impressive season.

The Boys – 1×08 “You found me”

The Boys Season One – Credit (s): amazon prime

The whole first season of The Boys, available on Amazon Prime, was a real surprise but it was in the final season that the revelations were the most striking. Between the status of the Boys who officially become fugitives, the exclusion of Deep, the heart attack of A-Train and especially the surprise return of Becca and her son, clearly we did not have time to be bored. The first season went crescendo and in addition to bluffing us, the final season especially gave us really eager to discover the rest.


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