We already know who will surely not die in the next episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead.

The 2020 Series World Cup continues right here on melty and you can vote for your favorite series every day to give them a chance to win the trophy! While waiting to know if The Walking Dead will emerge victorious, we come back to episode 16 which will be broadcast on October 5 on OCS. In “A Certain Doom”, the Whisperers led by Beta will launch a new assault on the group of survivors and several characters will be in danger. But rather than making a list of those who could pass, we suggest that you look at the few names that should be spared, for different reasons.

Negan and Daryl
Negan and Daryl – Credit (s): amc

We don’t worry about Daryl or Negan since their interpreters, Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, are the headliners of the series. Since Rick has disappeared and Michonne is gone, it is hard to imagine the writers deciding to kill pillars like Daryl or Negan. The third character we can see surviving is Eugene. The first reason is that he is not with the group in the tower surrounded by walkers, and the other reason is that he has just started an interesting plot that should bring him to safety. And this also applies to Princess who, since she has just arrived, will probably not die in the next episode.

Princess – Credit (s): amc

If we’ve ever worried about Ezekiel, Yumiko’s fate should be in his favor. Finally on the side of all those who are indeed with the walkers, we can easily bet on the survival of Judith since it would be very complicated for the series to kill little Grimes on the screen. Lydia therefore seems safe for the same reasons despite what happened to Henry or Carl. Finally the last character on which we would bet for survival is Magna. After his separation from Yumiko, we know that the 2 characters are full of dramatic potential and it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of it already. While we wait to see if our predictions will be good, check out what AMC asked fans about Daryl and his soul mate in Season 10 of The Walking Dead.


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