Season 10 of The Walking Dead could reveal a new danger.

While we recently wondered why this big incoherence on CRM has never been addressed in The Walking Dead and its universe, we continue to be interested in this famous group but for another reason. As we know CRM – or Civil Republic Military – is a large community with advanced technologies, especially helicopters. Unlike the groups of survivors that we are used to seeing, CRM seems very well equipped, as if the group had been less affected by the zombie apocalypse. Which begs the question of how extensive CRM is and what it knows about other communities of survivors.

Who is part of CRM?
Who is part of CRM? – Credit (s): amc

It could be that for years, without one knowing it – and because the writers could have decided it belatedly – some members of the CRM group have entered the various communities in order to inform their superiors of the external situation. After all it makes sense for a well-established, well-membered, and clearly defensive squad – as Season 5 of Fear The Walking Deadtry to find out as much as possible about other survivors around. And what better way than to send spies, as we saw for example with Dante and the group of Whisperers?

When will you see the films on Rick?
When will you see the films on Rick? – Credit (s): amc

Finding out that in Alexandria, Oceanside or even among the Whisperers are a few survivors who actually belong to the CRM group could be a fascinating plot-twist in the new episodes. It would also allow the main series to talk more about this group. who, as we know, should above all tell us his secrets in the films about Rick and in the spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Even if this is an unlikely lead since it does not exist at all in the comics, we still keep a few seemingly secondary characters to the eye … And while waiting to know if traitors are hiding in the groups, you can already vote right here so that The Walking Dead wins the 2020 World Cup on melty!


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