Daryl Dixon is always present in season 10 of The Walking Dead and it is thanks to this character.

Now that Robert Kirkman has announced that there is a scheduled release date for episode 16 of season 10 of The Walking Dead, all that remains is to wait until the official announcement of AMC. And to make time pass a little faster, we plunge back into the past of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) who has been present since the very first season of the series. The rebel with a big heart has had time to fully integrate into the group since his arrival, but it was thanks to a particular character that he finally decided to stay with the Atlanta group – and inevitably we are talking about Rick Grimes.

Daryl and Rick

When Rick found Lori and Carl, he quickly established himself as the new leader of the group taking the place of Shane. And that’s good for Daryl, even if things clearly started badly between Rick and the Dixon brothers. If Shane had remained at the head of the group, Merle would not have ended up handcuffed on the roof of an Atlanta building in the first season of The Walking Dead, and Daryl and he would have ended up plundering the camp before tracing their route. Just by his presence in the group and the decision he made, Rick has influenced all of Daryl’s journey in the seasons to come.

Shane Walsh

If Season 10 of The Walking Dead will end with Daryl as a prominent member of the community, it is thanks to the actions of Rick years ago. By refusing to follow his brother, Daryl also continued to chart his fate alongside Carol, Rick and the others to become the survivor we know today. Enemies when they met, Rick and Daryl got closer until they became real brothers and with hindsight, we can therefore see that as soon as they met they were destined to survive together. A shock duo that we have been missing a lot since the departure of Andrew Lincoln …



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