After The Originals and Legacies, is it possible that a new spin-off on The Vampire Diaries universe will see the light of day in the near future?

The Vampire Diaries marked a whole generation and the series was so successful that two spin-offs were born. The Originals, which aired for five seasons centered around the Mikaelson family, the original first vampires. After the end of the series, the creators wanted to deepen even further the mythology and the universe of The Vampire Diaries. Thus, another spin-off on the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson was created. Season 3 of Legacies will return to the CW soon, and new adventures await Hope, the Saltzman twins, and the other supernatural students. However, fans are wondering … Another spin-off on The Vampire Diaries would it be expected?

Another spin-off after Legacies?
Another spin-off after Legacies? – Credit (s): The CW

Many fans of The Vampire Diaries dream of a new spin-off on this universe which charmed them so much. Character names often came up like Bonnie’s or Davina’s. For the moment, no series of this type is in preparation on the CW. Julie Plec focuses on Legacies and some characters from The Vampire Diaries and of The Originals made some very noticed and much appreciated appearances. If this is not topical, it remains a possibility knowing that spin-offs, reboots or other revivals are the big trend in the world of series. While waiting to learn more, find out if Ian Somerhalder could land in Legacies.


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