The very last album of The Weeknd has just been released and, once again, the singer aims perfectly and offers us a very successful album. For this album, The Weeknd totally changed his look, a business strategy he knows well since he had already undergone a fake physical transformation last year by changing his face and showing injections on all his parts for the clip. Save Your Tears. A change that made people talk a lot, we imagine that the artist wanted to repeat the experience and this time, it is with gray hair and an aging face that we find him.

The album is full of renowned artists: Lil Wayne, Tyler The Creator, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never or Jim Carrey, all were present in this new opus. More confident, more at ease in his album, The Weeknd goes into a whole new dimension, we can easily say: the artist is at the top of his art. The sounds go well together et The Weeknd offers us an album that does not disappoint. He knows how to remain constant and offers us sounds worthy of the 80s to his sauce.

Dawn FM, a success

The Weeknd has struck a big blow. Narrated by Jim Carrey, who plays the role of a benevolent radio announcer, Between Two Worlds, Dawn FM is about endless freedoms. Boogie and shimmering songs are perfect; the melodies are imbued with nostalgia and regret. The Weeknd sings more beautifully than he ever did on “Dawn FM”, especially in the melancholy and ecstatic “Less Than Zero” (understand this title inspired by the 80s) and “Here We Go… Again”. A more than convincing album which immediately sets the tone for 2022 musically speaking.


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