If Diego is so invested in the mission to rescue the president in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, this is actually linked to the traumas of his past.

In 1960, the Hargreeves’ main mission was to stop the apocalypse a second time. In parallel, the superheroes also seek to find their adoptive father, Sir Reginald, and learn more about their past. If the founder of The Umbrella Academy does not care about their worries and their history, Diego is the one who lives the worst the lack of approval and consideration of the latter. Maybe it’s because his powers are much more exceptional in the comics than in the Netflix series. The Umbrella Academy. No, actually, number 2 is very angry with his father and with the whole universe because he lacked love as a child. This is also why he persists in saving President JFK, promised to certain death: because he must prove to the whole world and especially to his adoptive father that he is a hero worthy of the name, and that he deserves to be considered as such.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves
Sir Reginald Hargreeves – Credit (s): Netflix

When he believes Sir Reginald is involved in JFK’s murder, he thinks that is all the more reason to confront him. So he will have the opportunity to show him what he is really worth. In revenge, he does not hesitate to ruin his chances of one day ending his life alongside Grace, who will nevertheless become their robot mom in the main timeline. Diego was the Hargreeves superhero receiving the least amount of attention from Reginald and today he’s deeply traumatized. Saving JFK from certain death and having the opportunity to become a hero is an unconscious way to combat his terrible evils from the past. The problem is even if he succeeded “his mission”, that did not prevent Reginald from treating Diego. “of a desperate man, tragically unaware of his own meaning”. If this new disappointment will inevitably have an impact in the next episodes of The Umbrella Academy sure Netflix, you can still support the show by voting for it in the World Cup series!


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