Allison’s power in The Umbrella Academy could be way more powerful than expected!

Why Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) does she have to say “I heard a rumor” to activate her power? This is a question many fans of the series ask themselves. The Umbrella Academy after the broadcast of season 2. Indeed, if number 3 possesses the power to manipulate the minds and decisions of people just with the sound of his voice, the showrunner has so far still not wanted to explain the reason why the magical actions of the latter were always preceded by the same statement. A mystery that has prompted many aficionados of the show to imagine all kinds of theories to answer this question. It is on Reddit that the hypothesis of an Internet user has attracted our attention.

Allison and Lila in The Umbrella Academy season 2
Allison and Lila in The Umbrella Academy season 2 – Credit (s): Netflix

According to him, the phrase “I heard a rumor” would be a sort of magic formula that would allow him to keep control of his powers. One way not to accidentally bend people to your will in normal situations he declares. Before giving an example: “If she said ‘Please get out of my room’ without the magic spell, the person she’s talking to would have to do so even if she wasn’t trying to influence her.” Also according to this user, this formulation in itself is not magical, it just allows Allison to concentrate enough enough to achieve the desired result. “The latter trained or was trained to activate her powers only when she said this sentenceHe then concludes. A very probable theory that could be the work of his father Sir Reginald. The latter worried about Vanya’s untamed strength would have wanted to make sure Allison kept control over his. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite series at the 2020 Series World Cup.


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