The death of this villainous character in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy could threaten the survival of superheroes in the sequel!

If season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is already the subject of theories all more eccentric than the others, one thing is certain: the Hargreeves (version 1) will be put to the test in the next episodes. And for good reason, if they managed to stop a second time the apocalypse that occurred in the 60s, when they returned in 2019, they realized that it had totally upset the order of things. During the cliffhanger of season 2, The Handler aka Kate Walsh was killed by the leader of the Swedes. The problem was, despite her flaws, she was one of the few who properly ensured that the schedule was met. Since Vanya wiped out the rest of the Time Commission agents, the Temporal Organization is now led by Herb, a kind and not-so-smart character. If we don’t want to blame him without his having had a chance to prove himself, Seeing that evil Hargreeves lookalikes exist in the new timeline is proof that he failed to handle events properly. The death of The Handler is therefore likely to wreak havoc in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy expected on Netflix

The Handler, the head of the Commission in The Umbrella Academy
The Handler, the head of the Commission in The Umbrella Academy – Credit (s): Netflix

Even if the hour of the end of the world sounded, The Handler was desperate to ensure that the schedule was respected. Now that she is definitely gone and Herb is the interim leader of the Time Commission, no one is really around to make sure key events on the timeline run smoothly. So which leads us to think that even the survival of the Hargreeves is in jeopardy, because theoretically they are no longer meant to exist in the current timeline. By killing The Handler and Commission agents, the Swedish and The Umbrella Academy wiped out the people who would have saved their own creation. What other major events could have been modified? In an attempt to fix the situation, Luther, Five, Vanya, and the others will almost certainly have to team up with the few remaining members of the Temporal Organization if they are to have any chance of coping with Sparrow Academy. Maybe if you elect The Umbrella Academy as the best show in the World Cup series, it will help the superheroes in their fight!


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